Zhejiang Yuquan Environmental Technology Engineering CO.,LTD is one of the earliest researchers and professional manufacturers of all sorts of industrial water treatment and sewage water treatment equipment. The company is the member of China Membrane Industry Association. The company's high-tech R & D and manufacturing base is in Daixi Industrial Park, Huzhou, Zhejiang, close to HangNing and Shenjiahu Highway and 104 State Road. Transportation is very convenient.

After developing China’s first electrodialysis water treatment equipment with Hangzhou No.2 Research Institute of National Ocean Administration at the end of 1970s, the company has a long-term cooperation with Chinese Academy of Science, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhejiang University, Jiangnan University, Hehai University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other scientific research institutes, engaging in the development of industrial water treatment and sewage treatment equipment. The technical indicators are leading in China.

The company has passed the attestation of ISO9001:2000 Inteational Quality System. It is the national high-tech enterprise and R & D Center.

Having decades of experience in manufacturing water treatment equipment, the company has strong engineering performance of over one thousand items, whose products exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other regions. Our high quality automatic pretreatment machine, active carbon filter system, reverse osmosis devices, electrodialysis devices, ultra filtration devices, ion exchanger, softener, EDI and other water treatment equipment have been widely used in electronics, electric power, petroleum, chemical, electroplating, printing and dyeing, medicine, Food, beverage and other various industries. Our specialized company has obtained good reputation and integrates technical advice of water treatment, technology research & development, design, production, installation, adjustment, and personnel training into all-in-one service.